AYSO Region 45 Fields

For a map of the fields AYSO Region 45 generally uses, please see the Map of Our Fields page.

Please check our Twitter feed and facebook page for the most up-to-date field status information.

Here is the Game Field Setup/Takedown Procedures document.

Here is the Field Painting Instructions document.

Here is the 2016 Field Painting Schedule.

Here is the 2017 Fall Practice Schedule.

Here are the layout and field rules for the Shoreline Athletic Field complex.

The following table lists the fields that we use for training and games along with the range of divisions that play and train there. Division Coordinators in conjunction with the Practice Field Scheduler schedule teams their practice locations.

Field Address/Location Game Use Training Use
Blach Middle 1120 Covington, Los Altos U14 U14-U19
Bubb Elementary 525 Hans, Mt. View U6, U10, U12 U7-U12
Castro Elementary 505 Escuela, Mt. View None U7-U10
Cooper Park 333 Eunice, Mt. View U12, U14 U12-U19
Crittenden Middle 1701 Rock, Mt. View U12, U14 All Divisions
Eagle Park 650 Franklin, Mt. View None All Divisions
Graham Middle 1175 Castro, Mt. View U14-U19 U14-U19
Grant Park Holt Ave, Los Altos None All Divisions
Huff Elementary 253 Martens, Mt. View U7-U12 U7-U12
Landels Elementary 115 W. Dana, Mt. View U10 U7-U12
Loyola Elementary 770 Berry, Los Altos U7 U7-U8
Montclaire Elementary 1160 St. Joseph Ave, Los Altos None U7-U12
Oak Ave Elementary 1501 Oak, Los Altos U7, U8 U7-U8
Shoreline Athletic Fields 2450 Garcia Ave, Mt. View U12-U19 U10-U19
Springer Elementary 1120 Rose, Mt. View U8, U10 U7-U12
Stevenson Park Montecito Ave, Mt. View U12, U16, U19 U14-U19
Sylvan Park 600 Sylvan, Mt. View None U7-U12
Whisman School 310 Easy, Mt. View U10, U12 U10-U12