Registration and Web Youth Soccer Frequently Asked Questions

Before registering please see the Registration page.

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Answers to most of your registration and WebYouthSoccer related questions can likely be found below. If you have general questions, please visit our FAQ page. If you do not find the answer, feel free to contact us.

Q: What if I do not have Internet access to register online?

A:  If you do not have access to a computer at either home or work, please go to your local public library or find a friend to help you.  You may also attend our walk-in registration(s) at the Castro Elementary School (see Calendar for dates and times).  We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to register.

Q: What if I don’t have a Web Youth Soccer account?

A:   Registration will prompt you to create a Web Youth Soccer account.  Please use our system lookup to see whether you are already in our system:  duplicate accounts create headaches and registration errors.  If you are really unsure, please contact registrar@ayso45 for assistance.

Q: What are the costs?

A:   Your costs are limited to our registration fees which are:

Registration Date U06 Division U07 - U19
Before June 1st $120 $135
Starting June 1st $120 $175

Incidental costs during the season may include your portion of a team banner, providing snack for one game and coach and referee appreciation gifts for the time they have put in volunteering for the team.

Q: Are scholarships available?

A:   Yes. Please contact the Registrar at and make your request. Verification of need will be asked for.

Q: Can I pay electronically?

A:   No checks will be accepted by mail!  We accept online payments using the PayPal payment service.  You do not need to have or use a PayPal account to pay online; you will have the option to enter your regular credit card information over a secure payment server.  Check and cash payments will be accepted in person at our walk-in registration on Saturday, May 10, 2014, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Castro Elementary School computer lab (near the playground at the center of campus.)  All other registrants must pay online.  If you are expecting scholarship aid, please wait until the registrar sends you an invoice for your reduced fee, which you may then pay online.

Q: When do we sign the medical release and code of conduct forms?

A:   These will be distributed for signature by your coach at the first team meeting. You must sign both these forms in order for your child to practice or play.

Q: What will be the practice or game day and time??

A:   Practice day and times are picked by the coaches and can happen throughout the week and at various locations throughout Mountain View and Los Altos. Games happen at various times on Saturdays. The exception to this is that U6 kids have practice and games on Saturdays.  Please refer to the Age Divisions page for details.

Q: Can I choose the practice field or practice day and time?

A:   No.  Only Head Coaches can request practice days and must always include alternatives due to limited field space.  We do not know the practice fields selected by the coaches until after all the teams have been assigned.

Q: What if my child has a conflict with their practice schedule?

A:   The Division Coordinators work very hard to provide Balanced Teams and support the Buddy requests where possible.  Coaches select available practice times.  If your player is unable to attend the assigned team’s practice, please request to be removed from the team by sending an email to the Division Coordinator.  Be sure the email includes non-conflicting practice times to help the DC select appropriate placement.  The Division Coordinator will move the player to the bottom of the Wait List to be re-assigned to another team based on Balanced Teams and space available.  Once moved to the Wait List, the player may NOT return to the original team.  No Refund will be provided due to scheduling conflicts.

Q: Can I request a particular coach?

A:   No, you cannot request a particular coach.

Q: Can I request to play with a friend?

A:  A child may specify one “playing buddy” to be on the same team through the Buddy Form. This form needs to be filled out and turned in at open registration or at one of several scheduled times / locations to be posted soon.  Buddy forms must be signed by the parents of both buddies.  Siblings may also request playing buddies. Submission of a buddy form does not guarantee placement of players together as balanced team formation takes precedence.  If you are submitting a buddy form, it is a reasonable expectation you will be asked to volunteer on some level as AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and playing buddies are a privilege.

Q: Can I request that two siblings in the same age group play together?

A:  Yes, they can be assigned to the same team by specifying the name of the player’s sibling during online registration in the “siblings playing on the same team” field.

Q: As a head coach, can I pick my assistant coach?

A: Yes!  When you register, indicate that you want to be a Head Coach; have your assistant indicate Assistant Coach.  Then, please fill out and sign a Coach Buddy Form. Please bring this form to walk-in Registration on Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Castro Elementary School computer lab (near the playground at the center of campus) or follow the instructions on the form to submit it electronically.  Coaches may not specify BOTH an assistant coach and another non-volunteer  playing buddy. If your child wants to play with a specific non-volunteer family player, just use the regular Buddy form and an assistant coach will be assigned to you by the division coordinator. The third name on the coach buddy form is reserved for players of  Referee volunteers only.

Q: Can I request to play-up a division?

A: Yes. Please visit our Age Divisions page for more details.

Q: Can I request to play-down a division?

A: No. Please visit our Age Divisions page for more information.

Q: When is the latest I can submit my registration?

A:   Online registration will remain available until just before the season starts. Remember, registrations submitted after our June 1st cutoff will be placed on  the waiting list  and will  have a much-reduced chance of being accepted. Registration for our Under-6 program will remain open until all of the available spots have been filled.

Q: I can’t remember my username or password.

A:   If you do not remember your account name or password, Click here for help. This will ask for phone number and a (registered) child’s birthday and provide your username and allow you to reset your password. If that doesn’t help, and you know you have an account, then send email to Please include “AYSO Online Account Problem” in the message title to help the volunteers with their spam filtering.

Q: My account is “locked”.

A:   If the system tells you your account is locked when you try to reset your password, it will be necessary for a human to unlock it. This can happen if you have tried several unsuccessful passwords in a row trying to login.  Send email to Please include “AYSO Online Account Problem” in the message title to help the volunteers with their spam filtering.

Q: I get some kind of system error trying to log in.

A:   The WebYouthSoccer system you are logging into is subject to different ISP problems and lightning storms than this website.  You might see error messages such as “TCP error” or “connection failure.”  When this happens, please wait awhile and try again.  You may also try a different computer, operating system, and browser to optimize your connection.  We strongly recommend you AVOID trying to register on a smart phone or iDevice.  Use a desktop, laptop, or high-functioning tablet computer.

Q: It is complaining about “cookie problems”.

A:   This could mean that you do not have cookies enabled in your browser. Another problem might be that you are accessing the web site through a caching proxy server such as is used in companies. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about that – you need to use a computer that’s not behind such a proxy server. This should not be a problem if you are accessing the Internet from home. If you cannot get past the cookie problem, you will need to come to the walk-in registration session or try a computer in a different location.

Q: How do I withdraw if I won’t be able to play?

A:   We appreciate your letting us know if you find you will not be able to participate.  To qualify for a full refund, withdrawal requests must be received by the Registrar ( no later than July 31, 2016.  No refunds will be offered after July 31. Please send a short  statement of withdrawal including:

  • player name
  • player birthdate
  • player division
  • reason for withdrawing
  • your PayPal online payment Transaction ID (or just forward your entire receipt email)

If you have already been assigned to a team at the time of your withdrawal, please also notify your coach of the decision.