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Buddy Form

A child may specify a maximum of one “playing buddy” to be on the same team which must be reciprocated by the playing buddy.

  • Both players must be registered by June 1.
  • Both players must be registered in the same division
  • The Buddy Form must be signed by a parent of both players
    • By signing the Buddy Form, both parents are agreeing to the rules stated on the form
  • Turn in Buddy forms in person at one of the locations below
  • We will not accept Buddy requests for more than two players
  • We will not accept Buddy requests with the same player listed on more than one form
  • Siblings playing on the same team are allowed to request playing buddies

Buddy Form Drop-Off Locations

Date Time Location
May 7 (Sat) 9 AM to noon Castro Elementary School, Mountain View
May 21 (Sat) 10 AM to noon Castro Elementary School, Mountain View
May 26 (Thu) 5 PM to 7 PM Castro Elementary School, Mountain View

If you are a Head Coach and are requesting a specific Assistant Coach, please use the Coach Buddy Form.  The third buddy on the Coach Buddy Form is for referee volunteers only.  If you don’t have a referee, please just fill out the Coach and Assistant Coach parts of the form.

If you are a coach, referee, board member or division coordinator, you can coordinate buddies with the division coordinator.  So forms are less likely to be lost, drop off a physical copy at one of the buddy “days.”

If you are NOT a coach, referee, board member or division coordinator, in order to submit a buddy form one of the two parents must complete the online basic referee course taking approximately 60 to 100 minutes (self-paced, can pause & return) on http://www.aysotraining.org, then print and submit a copy of the training certificate along with your signed buddy form.  This course alone does NOT certify you to be a referee though if you attend an in-person companion course (taking no more than 4 hours), you would be a certified Regional Referee able to officiate U12 and below matches.  The companion course is not required (though certainly encouraged).  Ideally, this will educate parents on laws of the game to promote better understanding of the game and appreciation for our officials.

If neither parent is a coach, assistant coach, referee, board member, or division coordinator nor can they take the online referee training, you may submit a form at one of a few walk-in dates.  Those requests will be a lower priority and in many cases not honored as it is a logistical challenge for our volunteers to process them if the person making the request is not willing to do something in return.

Playing buddies are a privilege. Please remember that AYSO is an all-volunteer organization which provides world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives and your help is needed to make soccer happen for the kids.

Here is a link to download the Buddy Form (Microsoft Word document).

Submission of a Buddy Form does not guarantee placement of players together as balanced team formation takes precedence.