Referee Training

In compliance with AYSO’s National Referee Program, AYSO Region 45 offers a number of Referee Training Courses during August and early September. U8 Official and Regional Referee certification training sessions are offered through our region in conjunction with Region 43 (North Los Altos).  Advanced Referee certification training sessions are generally Area 2A.  Please note that you may take training in any AYSO region, it is most convenient to take it locally but if schedule conflicts will not allow that please search for training in adjacent regions.

There are five certification levels used within Region 45: U8 Official, Regional Referee, Intermediate Referee, Advanced Referee, and National Referee. In order to referee in AYSO, you will need to have a current Volunteer Registration, to complete Safe Haven certification, and to be trained to the level you are refereeing. Instruction for becoming a Referee in Region 45 is here.

  • U8 Official – may referee at U8 level and below.   Click to download the 8U Guide8U (and 7U) Guidelines.
  • Regional Referee – may referee at U10 level initially and with some experience as CR you can referee at U12 level.  There is a very complete guide for all Regional Referees.  Click on the image to download it.
  • Intermediate Referee – may referee at U12 level initially and with some experience as CR you can referee at U14 level.  With a lot of experience you can referee at U16 level.
  • Advanced Referee – may referee at  U14 level initially and with some experience as CR you can referee at U16 level.  With a lot of experience you can referee at U19 level.
  • National Referee may referee at all levels.Regional Referee

Note:  Conditions for advancement to the next level are flexible since every person is different.

Volunteer Registration – All volunteers must be registered within Sports Connect.  The first time you register as a volunteer (New Volunteer) that registration will be valid for one year. After the first time you register, you will need to register as a Returning Referee in Sports Connect.  This must be done annually and it requires only an “e-signature”.

Safe Haven – Each volunteer must have a current Safe Haven certification.  A New Volunteer must take the On-line Safe Haven certification.  A Returning Volunteer requires an updated Safe Haven certification periodically. You will be notified if your Safe Haven certification is out-of-date. The link to Safe Haven is here.

Concussion Training – Each volunteer must have a current Concussion certification. The link to Concussion training is here.

Attending and Passing Referee Certification Training with Region 45– In Region 45 we train up to the Advanced Referee level.  Here is the Region 45 Training Schedule.

2019 Referee Training Calendar

Date(s) Time Level Location
Aug 24 (Sat) 8:30 am - 5:30 pm Intermediate Referee Springer School
Aug 28 (Wed) 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm Regional Referee On-line Companion Springer School
Aug 29 (Thu) 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm 8U Referee Springer School
August 2 - 4 TBD Advanced Referee (2 day) Golden Gate Camp

All volunteers must register in Sports Connect and register for the class in AYSOU.

How do I Register for a Referee Training Courses given in Region?

  • Go to and login using your Sports Connect credentials
  • Go to LIVE COURSES.  If you are full screen on a computer it’s in the RED bar.  If you are on a smaller display format it’s a RED box with list symbol.
  • Click on the date.  See the list above to pre-select your course & date.
  • Scroll down to the course you want and click on SESSIONS on right side.
  • Scroll down to the course in the Region.  It will have the roster number, course name, and Mountain View, CA.  Click on REGISTER to the right
  • That’s it: you’re registered. However, if you want to verify go to My Courses, open Instructor Led Courses, open Referee Instructor Led Courses and check that the course you registered for is in the list.

Referee Certification Training outside Region 45 – AYSO training is standardized so you can take the training anywhere it’s offered. The certification will be updated in AYSOU.  However, if you take a class outside of your region (R45), please follow-up after the class by sending an email to & with the following information:

  • Name
  • Referee Training class taken (8U Official, Regional Referee, Intermediate Referee, etc.)
  • Date & Location of training

After the certification is verified in the system, Region 45 will:

  1. Provide a Referee Uniform
  2. Provide instructions on the Referee scheduling system
  3. Include you on the Referee emailing list

On-Line Companion Classes – At this time, a Regional On-Line Class is offered through AYSOU.  Use the on-line course to learn the material and then use the classroom session for review and clarification.  The classroom session ends with an exam that you must pass.  Without the on-line course preparation, it’s likely you will fail the exam.

How do I access On-line training courses?

  • Go to and login using your Sports Connect credentials.
  • This course costs $7 and must be purchased on the eCommerce tab. Once you click on eCommerce, select PRODUCTS and scroll down until you find “Regional Referee Training Course”.  Select BUY and pay. Submit the receipt to the region for reimbursement.
  • Click on MY COURSES on the red bar.
  • Scroll down to “Regional Referee Training” and click OPEN on right side.
  • Study the eight chapters, then take and pass the final exam.
  • Finally, attend the Basic On-Line Companion Course for face-to-face instruction and exam.
How To Add a Youth Referee that is Already a Player (Step-by-Step Instructions Here)
  • Login to Sports Connect.
  • Add Additional Account Holder.
  • Sign up the player as a New Account Holder, assign them to a VOLUNTEER ROLE of YOUTH REFEREE, fill out the information, and e-sign the form.
  • Go to, under MY Courses take these online courses:
    • AYSO’s Safe Haven
    • CDC Concussion Course
  • Sign up and take the Referee Training in

Training provided by Regions 43/45 in Los Altos/Mountain View

There are three course types:

  • U8 Official course: All first time referees must take this in-classroom course (3.5 hours), one Saturday morning or one evening. The class ends with a test and you receive your referee equipment (unless you are also taking the upgrade class).
  • U8-to-Basic Referee Upgrade: An existing U8 Official who needs to upgrade to do U10/U12 games has 2 options:
    • A 100% in-classroom course: ~ 6 hours classroom, either 1 afternoon or 2 evenings.
    • An online course + in-classroom course: ~ 2.5 hours online course and ~ 3.5 hours companion course to review topics and take the test (the sign-up instructions will explain how to take the online course before you attend the companion course).
  • Intermediate Referee course:  All referees who want to referee U12 need this certification (8-10 hours), 1 Saturday morning or 3 evenings. The class ends with a test that you must pass.

Once you know what course(s) you want to take, sign up on AYSOU using these numbers directly.

If you need more help with signing up for training, please follow this link for detailed instructions.

Any questions?  Please email the Referee Administrator at

Training Courses Outside of Region 45

Other nearby Regions and Areas also offer training. Please follow their instructions and RSVP so that they know the quantity of training material to order. Please remember that you are a guest when you take training in their region/area.

Advanced Referee Training

The Advanced Referee training is more limited and should be planned ahead of time. It’s offered periodically by AYSO Area 2A. Typically, one Advanced Training is offered before the spring season (in the February time frame) and one Advanced Training is offered at the Golden Gate Camp hosted by AYSO Section 2.  Region 45 in conjunction with Region 43 will periodically offer an Advanced Training (see calendar above).