How to register to a referee training course for regions 43/45

Step 1: Login to

You should already have an eAYSO account if you registered as a volunteer before. If not you can create one right before signing up to the course.


Step 2: Go to the Home page and select the Enroll link or the Course Signup menu item


Step 3: Enter the class ROSTER number you copied previously

No need to use any other field on this form! Just enter the class ROSTER number(s) contained in the Training Calendar page and then click Search.


Step 4: Confirm your selection, then go Back to select another one if necessary.


Please add the course(s) you selected to your personal calendar and be sure to attend. You should receive an email from the course instructor a few days before the class reminding you of the date and location. Instructors and other volunteers put a lot of hours into organizing courses each season. Make sure you communicate any change on your status!

Note: If you use Google Calendar you can easily copy a calendar item from the training calendar page by clicking on it and selecting the link “copy to my calendar”.

Step 5: How to verify or change what you signed up for.

Going back to your eAYSO home page, click on View certifications on the right-hand side to get the list of certifications you have either completed or signup for, like the example below:

Unfortunately it is not possible to see the date when a course will take place on this page. If you do not remember or need to make a change please email the instructor or your Referee Administrator.


Instructions for the U8-to-Basic Referee Upgrade online course

This section is for:

First login to using your eAYSO id:

The next screen asks you to confirm your volunteer information, then you arrive directly to this online audio and you can take the time to goes through it at home (about 2 hours total).

At the end of the practice test you need to print your certificate and bring it to the companion class: