New Referees

Becoming a AYSO 45 Referee

All new referees must go through the following four steps in order to referee matches in our region. (If you are a returning AYSO referee from our region or other region, or if you are a USSF trained referee please see our returning referees page)

Step 1: Register as a volunteer in the National AYSO database through BlueSombrero.

  • Please visit the Volunteer Registration portion of our Volunteer Registration page to register as a volunteer for this season (common for Referees and Coaches).
  • Print a copy of your completed BlueSombrero volunteer form, sign it, and bring it along with a driver’s license or passport to your next training session.

Step 2:  Register for the referee training class(es) you plan to attend.

  • U7-U8: You need to have the U8 Official training to referee these games.
  • U10-U12: You need to have the U8 Official training AND the U8-to-Basic Referee Upgrade training.
  • Review the referee training calendar to select your course(s), then signup on AYSOU following instructions TBD.
  • Note: you may take a training class in another AYSO region in our area as long as you obtain the correct certification for your age group.

Step 3: Complete the online Safe Haven class (20-30 minutes).

  • Please visit the Safe Haven portion of our Volunteer Registration page to take Safe Haven training. (Not required for Youth referees under 18 yrs old.)
  • There is one opportunity to take Safe Haven as a 30 mins in-classroom course, look for “Safe Haven” in the referee training calendar.

Step 4: Attend your classes.

  • The instructor will send you an email reminder a few days before the class you registered to (using the email address you entered in your BlueSombrero profile)
  • Attend the class you signed up for. A record of your attendance will be entered into the AYSO National database and you will be issued a referee badge upon completing the class. You will also be issued a uniform if you do not already have one.

Thank you for volunteering! If you have any question on this process please email your Referee Administrator at