Spring Select Soccer – Coach Application

This year, AYSO Region 45 is hoping to field one or more competitive teams for Under-10, Under-12 and Under-14 for both boys and girls and if there is enough player interest, teams in the older Under-16 and Under-19 divisions.

The deadline to apply is October 10th 2014.  We are now accepting applications for coaches.

Please note that you must be AYSO Certified at or above the Division you are asking to coach to be considered.

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Spring Select Soccer Coaching Details

If you have specific questions not answered below, please send Email to springselect@ayso45.org with the word Question or something similar in the subject.

We are mandated to follow AYSO National’s rules and regulations which state that a region’s secondary season will be self funding. A player registration fee will be charged, for which the exact dollar figure has not yet been determined, but it will likely be in the range of $200 and will cover entry in four tournaments, field fees and will fund a small scholarships program. This registration fee is necessary because all of the spring tournaments require a check to come directly from the region and collecting this money up front will keep book keeping for our Treasurer as clean as possible. The registration fee will be charged for 10 players for U10, 12 players for U12 and 15 players for U14 and above. If a team opts to play in more than 4 touraments, they will need to collect this additional money and work with the treasurer to cover the costs. If a team does not get accepted to 4 tournaments, then we will work to reimburse costs for a missed tournament.

All other expenses including uniforms, sweatshirts, play in other leagues (PCSSL, indoor soccer, etc), lodging, transportation and such will need to be paid for by the team.

Head coaches will be determined by the AYSO 45 Spring Select Committee.

The Head Coaches will be determined by mid-October so that they can scout players at the last few matches and be involved with setting up the 2 tryout sessions. The Region is setting up a standard procedure for the selection process that all of the teams will follow. After scouting players and seeing some or all of them at the tryout sessions, the coaches from each division will hold a player draft supervised by at least one member of the Spring Select Committee. Players not selected will be notified first that they have been placed on the wait list. After that, the players selected will be notified by the Coach. It is important that NO players be told they have made a team until the end of the process. Most of our parent complaints last season were over notification of who did and did not make a team.

Assistant Coaches coaches will come out of the pool of players selected to the applicable team unless a non-attached (no kid) coach is interested. Please fill out the coach form if you are interested in being an assistant coach. This is important information for the head coaches selecting the teams.

Criteria for Player Selection

Interested players must have filled out the online form no later than the day before the last tryout session.

Players must have been registered and played in AYSO Region 45 in the current Fall primary season to play spring select soccer and have played in 70% of the games to be eligible. Having played in AYSO during the primary season is a national requirement for any AYSO sponsored select tournaments.

The Regional Commissioner must sign all rosters and all player ID cards and this will not be done for teams that are not selected in a fair manner using the pre-determined selection criteria. This is also in fairness to the Regional Commissioner who is typically the one contacted by parents who want to question why their kid was not selected.

At least two players need to be selected to each team whose parents are certified referees or will become certified referees and are willing to referee in the tournaments in the spring. At least one player must be selected whose parent is willing to assist with coaching and one player must be chosen whose parent is willing to be team manager.

Practice and Other League Logistics

Region 45 has no guarantees of receiving any field permits for the winter and spring. Last year, we did get a few days a week on the All Weather Turf at Graham Middle School . We do not get to pick our days so the team would have to practice on the days we get assigned field space, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any space that we do manage to get will be distributed evenly by the Spring Select Committee for practice use only. The use of any other field is strongly discouraged as organized practices on non-permitted space especially during their field rest period can seriously jeopardize our ability to get field permits for our primary fall season.

Given the above and the overall “tax” on our region with respect to fielding referee crews and such, Region 45 will not support teams playing home games in the PCSSL league. Any field space we manage to obtain needs to be used for all teams to practice. Teams are free to play in PCSSL, but will need to do so as away teams the entire season and supply their own referee crew.

Q and A

Q – If I coached on a team last spring, can I assume that I am the coach this spring?
A – Please do not assume this, but it does give you a leg up. All coaches who express interest will be considered to see who the best fit for the team and the region is. Coaching a team last spring is one of the criteria that will be looked at including the success of that team relative to the talent and the cohesion of the team.

Q – Will the kids who made a spring select team last year be guaranteed a spot this spring?
A – Not necessarily. All kids who express interest need a fair shot to make the team and in the end, the best players who are going to form the best team need to be selected. Players who played last spring should have a leg up given the skills they learned and number of practices and games they played in.

Q – Can I keep my team together from last spring?
A – Although it is our long term goal to try to keep like-age group kids together from year to year, in most cases, the divisional age cut off alone will generally preclude this from happening.

Q – Beyond coaching, what is the level of work required for spring soccer?
A – Spring soccer is a large time commitment. Practices will be held 1-2 times per week, the team may play in a Spring league and there will be travel to 4 or more tournaments. If you do not have the time to head coach, submitting your name to assist with coaching may be a better option. It is highly recommended that once the team is formed, that the head coach assign a team manager and a treasurer (coaches should not handle money as it is a conflict of interest). Applications to the tournaments will be necessary very soon after the team is selected. Although the Spring Select Coordinator will send out reminders on occasion, each team is responsible for filling out their own application, working with the Regional Treasurer on obtaining the region check for the tournament and working with the Regional Commissioner on obtaining signed rosters, player ID cards, and if necessary, coach ID cards.

Q – I want to coach an Under-10 team but have not been involved with the spring select or tournament process before.
A – The AYSO 45 Spring Select Committee members will spend more time on the Under-10 teams than the older divisions to get these properly started.

Q – Are there any exceptions to the coach certification training requirement?
A – No. The tournaments will not accept teams that do not have coaches who are certified at or above the level of team that they are coaching. All coaches must have a current registration on file, have completed Safe Haven Training and the age appropriate AYSO coach training:

U10 – U10 Coach Certification
U12 – U12 Coach Certification
U14 – Intermediate Coach Certification
U16/U19 – Advanced Coach Certification

Q – I hold a USSF license, can this transfer to AYSO?
A – Yes, but the process takes time and should be started as soon as possible. Coaches with the USSF Youth Modules (USSF ‘F’ license) may apply for U12 coach certification. Those holding a USSF ‘E’ license may apply for the Intermediate Coach Certificate, and those holding a USSF ‘D’ license or higher may apply for the USSF Advanced Certificate. Applicants must be recommended by the Regional Commissioner and the Area 2A and Section 2 Coach Administrators before the application packet is sent to the AYSO National office to be approved by the AYSO National Coach. Please contact your Regional Coach Administrator for more information. The full procedure is described in the AYSO Reciprocity Equivalency Agreement.

Q – Is there an Under-8 select season.
A – No. AYSO guidelines strongly discourage select teams of any form below Under-10 and as such, none of the tournaments support teams in this age range.

Q – Will there be a coaches meeting prior to tryouts.
A – It is our intent to host a meeting to go over logistics. If you have any questions before then, please send Email to ayso45select@yahoo.com and if you do not hear back in a reasonable amount of time, visit www.ayso45.org and Email one of the Spring Select Committee members via addresses found under Contact Info.

Q – What are the game sizes and total number of players for the different divisions?
A – Alternates may be carried, but when final rosters are submitted, they can only include the number of players specified as the maximum team size.

U10 – 7 versus 7 with a maximum team size of 10.
U12 — 9 versus 9 with a maximum team size of 12.
U14 – 11 versus 11 with a maximum team size of 15.
U16 and U19 – 11 versus 11 with likely a maximum team size of 18.

Q – Where can I find out more information on the tournaments?
A – Itemized below is a list of events attended by some of our teams last year. There are even more events to choose from not on this list.

Grape Crush Tournament, Paso Robles CA – mid January, www.pasoroblessoccer.com/

PHMSA SoccerFest, Pleasant Hill/Martinez CA – late March/early April , www.phmsa.org

Comstock Shootout, Carson City NV – mid April (separate boys and girls weekends), www.comstockshootout.org

Pacifica Fog Cup Classic, Pacifica CA – early May, www.ayso157.org

Concord Cup, Concord CA – mid-late May, www.concordcup.com

Davis World Cup, David CA – Memorial Day weekend, www.davisworldcup.org

Thank you for considering coaching in the spring.