Mid-Season Schedule Rebalancing

After the first half of our season, our scheduler reviews the first half results for U7 through U10 divisions and tiers teams to avoid the very best teams playing those with the worst records in the second half.  Scheduling must also consider other factors such as preventing schedule conflicts for the many coaches who run two teams and grouping games for purposes of referee scheduling.  Note that volunteers account for 100% of this scheduling effort.

The alternative to mid-season competitive schedule rebalancing would be scheduling the full season of games and having several teams be badly beaten all season long.  This could result in many of those kids and volunteers alike having a very poor experience and not continuing to play soccer. Others could be on a dominant team that by luck of the draw only plays the weakest teams all season long. Mid-season schedule rebalancing mitigates those possibilities to a reasonable extent, staying in line with a key AYSO philosophy – Balanced Teams. We purposely do this during a “bye” week to give families at least a week notice before the first game is released.

Mid-season schedule rebalancing ends after the U10 division.  In U12 and above, we typically have more player rating history which helps us create better-balanced teams at the outset.