Region 45 Budget

Each year, AYSO Region 45 is required to submit a budget to the AYSO NSTC (National Support and Training Center). AYSO’s fiscal year runs July 1st through June 30th. Consistent with this, our budget is due to the NSTC during the May timeframe.

Below is a high level budget – Income and Expenses that are estimated for the upcoming season. Actual income and expenses will varry depending on the number of players who register and any unknown items that arise such as a change in our field use fees. If you have any questions or are interested in the full version of the budget, please contact our Treasurer.

Region 45 July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013 Budget

Registration Fees (net of refunds, includes scholarships) $250,000
Other Income (donations, interest, etc) $300
Total Income: $250,300
Uniforms: Players $51,000
Uniforms: Coaches $7,000
Uniforms: Referees $7,500
Uniforms: Other $1,000
Field Expenses (paint and other direct) $8,000
Park Fees (field use fees) $40,000
Equipment Purchases & Storage Expenses $21,100
Tournament: Referees $2,000
Ads/Newsletter/Yearbook/Pictures $10,600
Awards & Volunteer Recognition $20,500
Donations $12,500
Clinic Training Expenses: Player $26,000
Clinic Training Expenses: Coaches $3,500
Clinic Training Expenses: Referees $4,000
Payments to AYSO: Inter-regional $2,500
Payments to AYSO: Registration Fees $30,000
Payments to AYSO: Supply Center $2,100
Conferences / Meetings $1,200
Section / NAGM $4,000
Phone/Internet/Website $10,850
Postage $200
Office Supplies $50
Miscellaneous Supplies $300
Bank Fees (Paypal fees) $4,500
Other Expenses (office supplies, etc) $200
Total Expenses: $270,600
Estimated Surplus (Deficit) $(20,300)

Breakdown of Your Registration Fee

Registration Fee to AYSO National $12.75
Registration Fee to AYSO Area 2A $1.25
Uniform (includes GK jersey and coach bag per team) $22.50
Ball (practice ball per player + game balls) $10.00
Photo Day (free memory mate package) $5.00
Awards (trophies, medals, and/or pins) $5.00
Field Related Fees/Expenses $18.00
Coach and Referee Training (includes trainers to practices) $18.00
Referee/Coach/Board Uniform/Shirts $5.00
Web Youth Soccer $5.00
Scholarship Fund $5.75
Other (see budget for details) $12.00