2015 Calendar

Date Event
April 22 Online Registration Begins
May 9 (Sa) Walk-In Registration - 9 AM to noon - Castro School, Mountain View
May 9 (Sa) Buddy form turn in - 9 AM to noon - Castro School, Mountain View
May 30 (Sa) Buddy form turn-in 10 AM to noon - Castro School
June 1 (Mo) Last Day to Register for Guaranteed Placement (except U06 divisions)
June 2 (Tu) Registration Fees Increase (except U06 divisions)
June 2 (Tu) All U07-U19 Registrations Automatically Placed in the Wait Pool, No Guaranteed Placement**
July 31 (Fri) Last day to drop with refund (except U06)
July 31 to Aug 2 Intermediate Coach Training (Golden Gate Camp)
July 31 to Aug 2 Advanced Coach Training (Golden Gate Camp)
Aug 8 (Sa) U12 Coach Certification - 1:00 PM at Springer School
Aug 8 (Sa) U08 Coach Certification - 7:30 am at Springer School
Aug 8 (Sa) Mandatory Coaches Meeting (except U06 coaches) 10:30 AM - Springer School
Aug 17 (Mo) First Day Practices Can Begin (U06 does not hold separate practices)
Aug 18 (Tue) Last Day to Withdraw From U06
Aug 22 (Sa) U08 Coach Certification - 10 PM to noon - Covington School
Aug 22 (Sa) U10 Coach Certification - 1 PM to 4 PM - Covington School
Aug 29 (Sa) U06 Coach Certification - 10 AM to noon - Springer School
Aug 29 (Sa) U06 Coach Meeting - 3 PM to 4 PM - Bubb School
Aug 29 (Sa) U06 Parents Meeting - 4 PM to 5 PM - Bubb School
Sep 5 (Sa) Practice Game
Sept 12 (Sa) First U06 Session
Sept 12 (Sa) First Regular Season Game U07-U14
Sept 13 (Su) First Regular Season Game U16 and U19
Sept 26 (Sa) Photo Day for U6-U14 at Callahan Park (Crittenden School) - TENTATIVE
Sept 27 (Su) Photo Day for U16 / U19 at Cooper Park - TENTATIVE
Oct 3 (Sa) Referee Appreciation Day
Oct 10 (Sa) No U06-U12 Games Due to LASD Walk-a-Thons
Oct 24 (Sa) Silent Saturday
Oct 31 (Sa) Make-Up Photo Day at Springer School Field
Nov 14 Last U06 Session
Nov 15 Last U16 / U19 Match
Nov 15 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner (6 PM to 8 PM, Michael's at Shoreline) - TENTATIVE
Nov 21 Regular Season Ends (U07 and above)
Dec 5 - 6 Area 2A Tournament for Qualifying U12 & U14 Teams - TENTATIVE
Dec 12 - 13 Section 2 Tournament for U12 & U14 Teams That Win Area 2A Tournament - TENTATIVE

** Guaranteed placement on a team is subject to AYSO Region 45 receiving a sufficient number of coach and referee volunteers for your division as well as a sufficient number of field permits to allow us to field enough teams to support all the players.

** U06 registration will be kept open until all of the available slots have been filled. Slots are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Coach Training Calendar

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Referee Training Calendar

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