2017 Fall Registration opens April 26.  Before registering please see the Registration page.

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Our primary season is in the Fall and runs from late August to mid-November. With the exception of our Under-6 (U06) divisions, children attend training sessions once (U07 and U08) or twice (U10 and above) each week and play a game on Saturdays (Sundays for U16 and U19).  U06 holds one 75-minute session on Saturday afternoons, combining a training session and a scrimmage game.

For guaranteed team placement, you must register by June 1st. Registration is online again this year with an optional walk-in registration date for those who need to register in person.  Look for registration reminders in your Email and in school notices.

Sorry, Region 45 does not guarantee placement of your child on any particular team, with any specific players or on any particular practice days.

Season Calendar

Please visit our Calendar page for our detailed season calendar of important events and dates.

Division Placement Guidelines

All divisions are divided into two groups (boys and girls). Team sizes may vary when teams are formed depending on late drops and availability of coaches. If your child has an early birthday (typically after July 31) and you would like them playing at their grade level, please make sure to select “Play Up” when registering. AYSO policies do not permit us to have a player “play down” and age, not grade dictate which division your child will be placed.

Division Typical Age Typical Grades Age Cut-off Dates by Date of Birth Game Sizes Team Sizes
U06 5 K 8/1/2010 through 12/1/2011 3 v 3 5 - 6
U07 6 1 8/1/2009 through 7/31/2010 5 v 5 7 - 8
U08 7 2 8/1/2008 through 7/31/2009 5 v 5 7 - 8
U10 8-9 3-4 8/1/2006 through 7/31/2008 7 v 7 9 - 10
U12 10-11 5-6 8/1/2004 through 7/31/2006 9 v 9 12 - 13
U14 12-13 7-8 8/1/2002 through 7/31/2004 11 v 11 14 - 15
U16 14-15 9-10 8/1/2000 through 7/31/2002 11 v 11 14 - 18
U19 16-18 11-12 8/1/1997 through 7/31/2000 11 v 11 14 - 18

Soccer Camps

AYSO Region 45 will host two weeks of soccer camps during the summer. The camps will once again be provided by UK International Soccer Camps Inc doing business as AYSO Soccer Camps and both half day (9am to noon) and full day (9am to 3:30pm) will be offered.

Please visit the Summer Camps page for more details.

Spring Soccer

Please visit the Spring Soccer page for options on playing in the spring as AYSO Region 45 unfortunately is unable to field an open registration spring season.

AYSO Region 45 does field a limited number of Spring Select Soccer teams.