2016 Davis World Cup Gold/Medal/Bronze finishers

Monday, June 6, 2016, 16:40
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The Davis World Cup has ended with nine region 45 teams winning medals for finishing first through third.  Visit www.davisworldcup.org for more details on results.

U19B Wanderers – First Place (1 of 8)

U19G Arsenal – Third Place (3 of 6) pictured below

U19G Arsenal 3rd Place Davis

U14B Hammers – First Place (1 of 12) pictured below

U14B Hammer Davis Cup Champs

U14B United – Third Place (3 of 12)

U14G Legends – Third Place (3 of 12)

U12B Tsunamis – First Place (1 of 16) pictured below

U12B Tsunamis 1st Place Davis Cup

U12G Earthquakes – Second Place Gold Flight (2 of 6)

U12G Riptide – Second Place Blue Flight (2 of 16) pictured below

U12G Riptide 2nd Place Davis Cup 2016

U10G Shockwaves – First Place Red Flight (1 of 6) pictured below

U10G Shockwaves Davis Cup Champs

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